Student teachers in Dr. Labe's Classroom learn how to create instructional videos

Post date: Apr 3, 2014 11:33:11 AM

There is general belief in educational circles that, the use of instructional video enhances students' retention of information, and more rapid understanding of concepts. It is also common knowledge that students are more enthusiastic about what they are learning when videos are used.

The National Teachers Training Institute (NTTI) suggested that, video is uniquely suited to:

  • take students on impossible field trips--inside the human body, or off to Jupiter
  • take students around the globe, to meet new people and hear their ideas
  • illustrate complex, abstract concepts through animated, 3-D images
  • show experiments that can't be done in class
  • bring great literature, plays, music, or important scenes from history into the room

As part of the coursework in Technology Education Methods (a teaching methods course), trainee teachers in Dr. Labe's Class at the Benue State University, Makurdi learn how to and try their hands on creating instructional videos to demonstrate various concepts and processes. In this post, we show off a few of such videos. While these videos may not be first rate as beginner efforts, they nonetheless show some potential. We invite you to spare some minutes to watch a sample of the videos and then give us feedback by posting your comments and observations. You can watch these student practice videos on our Youtube channel