Post date: Mar 31, 2014 12:13:39 PM

1. Learning experience organized and carried by learners in an informal/formal setting with the assistance of an instructor to achieve specific aims, goals and objectives of a society.

2. An automobile technologist should be able to plan, teach and evaluate simple but important operations at all levels of automobile.

3i. Imbibe the culture of safety first in work places especially automobile workshops/garages.

ii. Become aware and abide by the safety measures in operation in a workshop.

iii. Use simple hand tools in carrying out simple tasks such as changing engine oil in vehicles.

iv. Operate the machines available in any automobile workshop.

v. That person should be able to sketch, draw and interpret working drawings generally and in particular machine drawings.

vi. Construct prototype vehicle chassis.

vii. Should be able to identify through observation materials used for engine block construction.

viii. Identify and operate the different types of robots used in automobile industries/companies.

ix. Determine the condition of vehicle engine ignition is turned on.

x. Establish a center to teach other willing and able to learn his trade.

4. The five challenges are:

i. Lack of adequate facilities.

ii. Pre-vocational and technical education subjects non-existent at the primary school level.

iii. Lack of competent personnel.

iv. Mass exodus of the technical personnel for greener pastures.

v. Too much emphasis on stereotype examination and certification.