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Post date: Mar 28, 2014 3:40:03 PM

1. Curriculum to me is the laid down guidelines for which materials and means are used for the purpose of achieving identified educational goals.

2. Individuals trained under Automobile mechanics area of specialization should be able to:

· Understand clearly all the principles of operations of systems of an automobile such as the power, suspension, transmission, braking and titanic’s systems etc.

· Identify various components with a view of identifying damages

· Diagnose fault on various systems and components with or without diagnostic machine.

· Teach effectively courses assigned to him/her

3. Areas to be exposed to by trainee of Auto mobile mechanics graduates should be:

· Assembly plants where vehicle components are assembled in other to have ideas of the production/assemble process.

· Workshops with standard equipment

· Industries with related operations

· Institution with standard laboratories in Auto mech

· Related areas (academically ) such as machines and mechanics properties and strength of materials, production, optimization etc

4. Challenges affecting curriculum planning in vocational and technical education (VTE) among others include:

· Negative attitude of government to VTE

· Biase selection of resource personnel (selecting non core-technical persons)

· Negative attitude of community

· Lack of man power

· Lack of Adequate funds.