Post date: Feb 24, 2014 9:36:36 PM

1. Curriculum refers to all the learning experiences and activities provided by an educational or training institution.

2. Individuals trained under automobile technology should be capable of doing the following:

    1. Work in a safe working condition (know and apply all the safety rules in automobile shop.

    2. Work efficiently with common tools in Automobile shop.

    3. Carry out routine service inspection.

    4. Carry out corrective maintenance on automobile vehicle

    5. Test drive a vehicle

    6. Use computerized machines to diagnose and correct fault on automobile vehicle

    7. Identify all road traffic and safety signs

    8. Test and lubricate engine and other major components

    9. Repair and replace worn parts before they cause breakdown that could damage critical components of the vehicle.

    10. Use variety of tools – power tools such as pneumatic wrenches, machine tools like lathes, jack and hoist, common hand tools such as spanners, screw drivers wrenches etc.

      1. 3. Experiences that the individuals should be exposed to in order carry out the task stated above include:

    • Safety precautions and safety equipments in automobile shop

    • Uses of common tools in automobile shop

    • Carburetor repairs, engine serving and repairs etc.

    • Valve re-facing and re-grinding, engine re-conditioning and testing.

    • Driving techniques, qualities of a good drivers

    • Use of computerized machines

    • Road signs, traffic regulations, traffic control and institutional bodies (VIO, Road Safety Commission etc.)

    • Engine component, valve and ignition timing, lubrication system lubricants etc.

    • Injector testing and repairs.

    • Uses of power tools e.g. pneumatic wrenches, machine tools like lathe, sack, hoist etc.

      • 4.

    1. Poor planning

    2. Inadequate resource allocation

    3. Poor governance practices

    4. Poor implementation

    5. Corruption.