Post date: Mar 30, 2014 4:51:12 PM

Group A.

1. In your own words, define curriculum.

Curriculum is an outline that contains courses of study used by schools or training institutes to teach /training the learner.

Curriculum means all the learning which is planned and guided by the school; it can be carried out inside and outside the school.

It items the skills, performance, attitudes and values learners are expected to learn from schooling.

It also means the total learning experience provided by the schools/training institutes.

It is the total number of courses of study given in a learning environment.

2. To your mind, what should individuals trained under an area of technical specialization such as yours be capable of doing?

An individual trained in building construction which is my technical area of specialization should be capable of doing the following;

1. Draw the building plan

2. Read the building plan

3. Set out the building using the building plan

4. Carry out site preparation

5. Lay the foundation which is the sub structural part of the building.

6. Construct the super structural part of the building.

7. Carry out correct concrete/mortal mixed ratio.

8. Supervise construction work on the site.

9. Solve problems relating to construction site.

3. Mention at least ten (10) experiences that the individual trained under an area of specialization such as yours should be exposed to in order for such a person to be capable of doing what you expect them to be able to do.

The ten experiences someone trained under the area of specialization like mine should be exposed to for better performance are;

1. The learner should be expose to site preparation and it techniques; the equipment and mechanical plant used for site preparation.

2. The use of drawing equipment and materials.

3. Drawing of simple building plan.

4. Estimation of materials/equipment.

5. Ordering of materials/equipment on the construction site.

6. What is foundation?

7. Various types of foundation

8. Walls and its types.

9. Bonding and its types.

10. Building finishes.

4. List at least five (5) challenges affecting curriculum planning in vocational and technical education.

1. Language barrier.

2. Lack of teachers/lecturers.

3. Lack of instructional equipment/materials.

4. Poor administration and supervision.

5. Lack of computers and network availability.