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Group A Question

Question 1: In your own words, define curriculum.


Curriculum in my own word is an arrangement and organization of learning experiences and activities given to students or learners inside or outside the classroom or school to achieve learners’ and societal needs and objectives.

Question 2: To your mind, what should an individual trained under an area of specialization such as yours be capable of doing?


An individual trained in carpentry and joinery which is my area of specialization should be able to:

i. Design and produce domestic furniture, school furniture and beyond

ii. He should be able to carry out roofing work on complex buildings and interpret working drawings of any kind.

Question 3: Mention at least ten (10) experiences that an individual trained under an area of specialization such as you should be exposed to in order for such a person to be capable of doing what you expected them to be able to do.


Trained individual in carpentry and joinery should be able to:

a. Have experience to identify all hand tools used in carpentry work and their uses.

b. Should be able to use the hand tools properly and provide adequate maintenance culture

c. Should be able to operate all power tools both portable and fixed machines.

d. Should be able to observe all safety precaution measures and to protect life and properties.

e. Should be able to interpret diagrams and drawings and present the impression in real shape and functionality.

f. Should be able to design and produce articles using special wood like teak, masonia, black aferrah.

g. Should be able to dictate faulty machine operations and correct them.

h. Guide students to develop to full maturity to achieve their hearts desires.

i. Should be able to establish and live on his or her own and be job creators

j. Do all installation work on machine used in wood workshops

Question 4: List five (5) challenges affecting curriculum planning in Vocational and Technical Education


Challenges affecting curriculum

i. Misconception of societal perception of Vocational and Technical Education nation wide

ii. Poor under-employment and placement of technical personnel in the right position starting from federal and state government offices.

iii. Poor unworkable or un-functional facilities supplied to schools by government at federal and state levels.

iv. Poor funding

v. Corruption and insincerity