Post date: Mar 31, 2014 2:02:50 PM

Group A

1. Curriculum is an educational programme of learning experiences offered to the learner by the teacher under the auspices of the school in order to effect certain changes in his/her behavior. It is an embodiment of all the knowledge, skills and attitudes which a nation through her schools, impact to her citizens.

2. An individual trained under an area of technical specialization such as mine, (metal) should be capable to perform, co-ordinate, teach and supervise basic metal operations both at domestic and industrial levels.

3. The ten learning experiences that metal technologist can be exposed to include:

i. The understanding of the individual on basic safety rules in general workshop.

ii. The understanding of the individual of the basic rules in general metal works.

iii. The understanding of the individual on handling basic metal machines.

iv. The individual should construct a simple metal book shelf or cupboard/table etc.

v. The individual should be able to identify genuine metal products.

vi. The individual should effectively draw, read and interprets working diagrams in the field of metal technology.

vii. The individual should master the readings and be able to interpret regulations relating to metal diagrams.

viii. The individual should know basic principles of operations of metal gas/oxcetalline welding/bracing etc.

ix. The individual in metal technology should be able to assist or teach other learners his/her trade.

x. The understanding of the individual on handling basic metal and other technical hand tools.

4. Five challenges affecting curriculum planning in vocational and technical Education are:

a) Inadequate emphasis on pre-vocational and technical Education subjects at primary and secondary schools.

b) Inadequate teaching/learning facilities

c) Short falls in recruitment of teachers.

d) Examinations oriented approached to curriculum implementation.

e) Exodus of teachers from rural areas to Urban centers.