Post date: Mar 31, 2014 7:42:55 PM

1. Curriculum is a programme designed to guide all the activities of an institution both within and outside the school environment in which the school takes responsibilities.

2. People trained under and area of construction should be able to perform the following activities;

i. Measure and cut wood correctly

ii. Make joints

iii. Construct a simple project

iv. Identify and select good materials

v. Design good furniture

vi. Identify various tools used for different operations

vii. Identify and operate different power tools

viii. Interpret designs

ix. Transfer measurements

x. Use hand tools

3. The ten (10) experiences that the individual trained in construction be exposed to are as follows:

i. Measurement and designs

ii. Cutting of wood.

iii. How to make joints

iv. Selection of good materials.

v. furniture designs.

Vi. Various tools and their operations

vii. The use of power tools

viii. The interpretation of designs

ix. Transfer of measurements

xi. Use of hand tools


4. Five (5) challenges affecting curriculum planning in VTE are:

i. Lack of curriculum experts in VTE

ii. Cost of running VTE

iii. Lack of adequate facilities/equipment

iv. Inadequate resources allocation

v. Corruption

vi. Outdated curriculum and poor governance practice