Post date: Feb 23, 2014 3:31:41 AM

1. Curriculum is the accumulated traditions of organized knowledge contains in the school subjects.

2. A candidate in woodwork should be able indentify timber products, god knowledge of wood processing equipment and procedures and application of wood in design and construction.

3. Learning experiences:

i. Should be able to understand wood processing and design

ii. Should be able to understand different wood structures

iii. Should be able to understands different building materials

iv. Should be able to understands processes in building maintenance

v. Should be able to handle simple woodworking hand tools.

vi. Should be able to carry out different operations using woodworking machines.

vii. Should be able to carryout operations on different roofing designs.

viii. Should be able to design different models of furniture.

4. Challenges affecting curriculum planning Vocational and Technical Education.

i. Examination-oriented approach to curriculum implementation

ii. Poor funding.

iii. In adequate emphasis on pre-vocational and technical education subjects at primary schools.

iv. Exodus of teachers from ruler areas to urban centers

v. Poor teaching and learning facilities.