Post date: Mar 31, 2014 10:36:30 AM

1. In my own words I wish to sate that curriculum is the totality of all experiences which the school offers to a student, these experiences should be given systematically planned so as to produce positive behavior change in the student to make him fit into a society.

2. In my mind individuals trained in my area wish is Building Construction should be capable of being able to be

Ø Competent on how to pass instructions to students

Ø Capable to use his or her hands, head and mind to be productive in the society.

Ø Interpret building drawing.

Ø Drawing building using computer.

3. Below are ten experiences that an individual trained in my area of Building Construction should be exposed and should be capable of doing

i. They should be able to read Building plans

ii. They should be able to set what is on the plan on the ground

iii. They should be able to know basics hand tools required for building Construction

iv. They should be able to organize site work

v. They should be able to categorize the building materials they are using to work

vi. The trainer is expected to know the sequence of work done on a building

vii. They should be able to plan for facilities and material require at all stages as the building is under construction.

viii. They should be able to keep to standards as state in the building cord

ix. They should be able to understand safety required while work in construction site.

x. They should be able to construct simple roofs, timber joints.

4. Some of the problems or challenges affecting curriculum planning includes

i. Inadequate emphasis on pre-vocational subject at the primary and Junior Secondary level.

ii. Inadequate facilities

iii. Shortfall in recruitment and exodus of teachers

iv. Poor funding

v. Examination-oriented approaches to curriculum implementation.