Post date: Feb 23, 2014 3:13:44 AM

1. Curriculum is the course of study, or programme of study, or all learning experiences for which school accepts responsibilities.

2. A candidate in Mechanical Technology should be able to machine tools; classification of machines tools and machine techniques.

3. Learning experiences:

i. Understand workshop safety rules.

ii. Understand machine engineering

iii. Understand the principles of thermodynamics.

iv. Understand engineering design and system analysis

v. Understand manufacturing processes and machines

vi. Handles dynamic problems design

vii. List tools and machines used in fitting and machine work.

viii. Should be able to operate a lathe machine.

ix. Should be able to generate flat surfaces and grooves.

x. Should be able to carry out various operations on a milling machines.

4. Challenges affecting curriculum planning VTE are:

i. Poor funding

ii. Low students morale

iii. Short falls in recruitment of teachers.

iv. Inadequate emphasis on pre vocational and technical education subjects at primary schools.

v. Poor teaching and learning facilities.