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Question 1.

Curriculum is define as applied experiences given to a learner under the guidance of the school, or is the series of education that children and youth develop their abilities to do things well on their own which make up the adult life.

Question 2.

An individual trained under an area of technical specialization such as my own should be capable or able to:

i. Replace or change worn out break pad

ii. Replace or change oil fitters or engine oil from the engine through the oil sump.

iii. Replace the top gasket when it get burnt

iv. Change or clean spark plugs fixed them back

v. Service the carburetor injector and nozzles when blocked by dirt.

Question 3.

- Engineering drawing

- Principle of operation of carburetor

- Correct air/fuel mixture ratio in the carburetor

- Should able to change engine oil and oil filter

- Should able adjust motor break or change break pad.

- Should be able to clean or change sparks plugs

- Should able to change clutch place and replace new one.

- Service the carburetor

- Change or replace piston ring in the engine should be able to detect fault in automatable electrical system.

- Should able to check the level of electrode-eight in the battery (automobile battery).

Question 4.

The five challenges that affect curriculum planning include;

i. Discontinuity of government planning

ii. Poor funding by individual or government

iii. Not involving professional that has versater knowledge of a particular subject during the planning stage or process.

iv. Most members involved in placing curriculum do not five their full interest during planning.

v. Government lack policy in the implementation of curriculum.