Post date: Mar 31, 2014 8:25:06 PM

1. The best principles tat best define curriculum evaluation in VTE are that of Guba and Linkoln (1981) principle and metric and worth.

2. Eclectic approach to evaluation, which draws from the strength of different models (using common emphasis along with insights generated from analyzing other models) are mostly effective for VTE curriculum evaluation.

3. The criteria to be used to develop curriculum model in VTE is (i) setting the project parameters (ii) selecting the project director (iii) evaluating the task force (iv) preparing the evaluating documents.

4. Organizing learning experiences in TVET entails organizing in a sequential and logical manner the content selected.

5. To evaluate the effectiveness of learning experiences in VTE entails (i) using the domains of learning (cognitive, effective and psychomotor) (ii) electronic testing (c) value added assessment. And also through internet services but to be done immediately after a class or training section.

6. A field of study can be evaluated through the following process

i. Pre paring for evaluation

ii. Accessing the content

iii. Identifying the evaluation issues

iv. Developing evaluation design

v. Implementing the evaluation

7. Effective teaching in VTE can be identified by evaluating students’ performance i.e carrying summative and ultimate evaluation.