Post date: Mar 31, 2014 10:45:08 AM

1. 1Some issues that prompt and shape changes in curriculum includes

A). change in the objectives of education emanating from change in the social values, belief, and tradition

B). change in the nature of knowledge of content of Education

C). change in the system of education

D). change in what is known about learning process

Change necessitated by feed back from curriculum

2. The various participants or stakeholder involved in education reform and curriculum changes are listed below

Professionals comprising education administrators, curriculum experts, subjects

specialist, teachers, lay citizens, parents and learners, Ministry of Education, MAN,


The role of the teachers is that he is the long run implementer of the curriculum he

must be involved and the feedback.

The role of the Ministry of Education is to raise the standard of teacher so that the

teacher can be receptive and critical of innovations or curriculum change. The

ministry provides money and dissemination of information.

3. Some potential problems and areas of conflicts

i. Inadequate financial resources.

ii. Inadequate involvement of the policy implements of planning stage

iii. Inadequate management of information system

iv. Corruption

4. The first way out is going to be how the general public and government should have a steady political environment to enable educational policies stay for some time before changes are done

The federal, State and Local government should provide adequate fund to the

educational sector

When planning or formulating policies, teacher who are the implementer should be involved.

When there is any change or intended change, all the stakeholders should be informed.

Corruption should be stop in all our educational institution in Nigeria.

5. Some examples of sensitive or challenging curriculum policy issues in Nigeria. In particular socio-political and cultural contexts, tradition and custom, gender discrimination and division or political factions